Strategies for pregnant couples to prepare for parenthood






Pull up a chair, grab a cold drink 🧋 and join me for a conversation about...



A fundamental perspective shift

That you and your partner need to make sure you're ready to take on parenthood together (without the arguments 40% of couples have in the first year)


3 Personal touchpoints (plus one extra!)

That most couples don't think about before having a baby but can deepen your connection with each other and create the nurturing home your baby deserves


What to start doing immediately

If you want a head start on becoming the best parents you can be for your baby (you've been told this before, but I'm going to remind you 🧡)


The single most important thing you (and your baby) need

And it's not something you can put on your baby registry

If you're oh-so-done worrying about every little thing you have to do before baby comes, welcome to a slow and steady path you can walk together to prepare.

It's so easy to skip over the time-consuming yet important work of relationship-nurturing during pregnancy. You've got other things on your mind, right?

But parents who'll be happy, confident and working from a united front five years from now are the ones who nurture their relationship for the long term. Which is exactly what 'baby-proofing your relationship' does through time spent talking, connecting and keeping it real

...even if things get a little sticky along the way.

Join me to get powerful, what's-working-now strategies for building a mutually rewarding, long-term connection with the incredible human you're becoming a parent with.


This class is tailor-made for you if...

  • You're excited to have your first baby and a part of you wonders how parenting will disrupt your life
  • You aren't 100% sure you and your partner are on the same page about life with a baby and wonder how to get there
  • You want to be a unified team, with a plan for facing the really fun yet unpredictable experiences ahead 
  • You want to be as prepared as possible to take on motherhood with confidence and create the perfect environment to nurture your little one

An invitation from Ann McKitrick

I've been cultivating relationships between parents and children for years.

I don't tell you how to parent or which new trend is best for you. I teach you what you need to know about your baby and your own development as a parent - and invite you to create your own path based on those facts.

This webinar highlights what I've learned from guiding hundreds of brand new parents through the first year, helping them connect with each other as they figure out the new little person that has taken over their life (and heart).

If you're committed to making your first year as a parent one of the best years ever with your partner, so that together you give your baby exactly what they need, then this class is for you. 🧡

Pick the time that works best for you.

See you soon!

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