Leader Certification

Creating leaders that guide women in all stages of motherhood move from where they are to where they want to be.


The Momentum Group Coaching Leader's Certification Program is designed to empower women to facilitate engaging, insightful, and nurturing supper clubs in their homes. 

This program aims to create a network of certified coaches who can provide a warm, inclusive, and intellectually stimulating environment for community members to discuss specific topics related to successful living, share experiences, and grow together. 

What to Expect...


Attend the MOMENTUM Supper Club Workshop

This interactive workshop will teach you learn the fundamentals of running a supper club: understanding the ethos of the program, communicating effectively, event planning, and creating a welcoming atmosphere.


Apply to Become a Coach

Following the workshop, participants can apply to become certified coaches. The application process assesses their motivation, understanding of the club's principles, and readiness to take on the role.


Receive Further Training

Accepted applicants will undergo comprehensive training, focusing on advanced facilitation techniques, conflict resolution, topic curation, and special event organization.


Become Certified

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be awarded the Momentum Supper Club Certification, recognizing them as official hosts capable of organizing and running supper clubs in their homes.

What does the Certification Process look like?

01. Eligibility


Applicants must have completed the Momentum Supper Club Workshop, Adult Learning Training and demonstrate a commitment to the club's values.

02. Application Process

  • Submission of a detailed application form.
  • A personal statement outlining the reasons for wanting to become a coach.
  • References or testimonials that speak to the applicant's abilities and character.

03. Training Program

  • Duration: The training will span a set number of weeks, with both virtual and in-person sessions.
  • Content: Includes advanced hosting skills, guest engagement strategies, and emergency management.
  • Assessment: Continuous evaluation throughout the training, culminating in a practical assessment where applicants host a mock supper club.

04. Certification Requirements

  • Successful completion of all training modules.
  • Demonstration of aptitude in hosting and facilitation.
  • Adherence to the values and standards of Momentum Supper Clubs.

05. Post Certification  

  • Certified coaches will be required to host a minimum number of supper clubs per year to maintain their certification.
  • Ongoing support and resources will be provided, including access to a network of fellow hosts.
  • Regular feedback sessions and continuous learning opportunities to enhance their skills.
  • All certified coaches must agree to a code of conduct that emphasizes respect, inclusivity, safety, and confidentiality within their clubs.
Hey there, I'm Ann.

I love encouraging women to dream big, for both you and your children. And I love inviting you into my home. 🧡

As a mom, while I absolutely loved parenting our three children, I longed to hang with other moms in ways meaningful to me. I was (and am!) a dreamer and entrepreneur at heart and always had big ideas. If I’d had an older woman come alongside to encourage me to pursue those dreams in ways that could fit in with full-time parenting, I’d be at a different place today.

That’s what MOMentum is about -  a place for you to connect, dream and take steps towards making your own vision happen, one small step at a time. We'll create community, think outside the box together as you identify your passions and create space for learning and growth. And embedded in every lesson, how to apply what you learn to parenting, so you can give your children a strong foundation for their own success in age-appropriate ways.

I'm the mom of 3 adult kids, Mimi to 4 grandbabies, a frequent conference speaker and early childhood specialist with 30 years of experience in higher education. I host the Parenting in the First 3 Years podcast and am the founder of Nurtured Noggins and Texas Child Care Training. Additionally, I’m a Certified Canfield Success Trainer, Master Level Trainer for the Texas Early Childhood Professionals, NAEYC Accreditation Consultant and Certified Child Care Health Consultant.

But most of all, I’m a woman who loves to listen to, laugh with, share stories with, encourage and cheer on other women, especially those a few years behind me.

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