Momentum Supper Club (pay monthly)

 Meeting Dates:

  • Thursdays from 6:45 - 9:00 pm

  • February 15, March 14, April 11, and May 9

What you'll get:

🍽️  A place at the table set especially for you

🥘  Delicious meal with intentional conversation

🗣️  Teaching with time to process & reflect 

💻   Momentum Online with tons of additional resources

📱  Text support between gatherings

🗓️  Monthly zoom community call

❤️  Connection, community and a safe space to dream big!

What People Are Saying:

Being a part of the Momentum program has truly been an eye-opening journey. It's fascinating how it reinforces what I already know, yet pushes me to think deeper about myself and my potential. The excitement of learning from others in the group is incredibly motivating. Also, the practical tips on creating a warm and inviting home environment are invaluable. It's wonderful to be part of a program that offers such practical and inspiring advice. I'm really thankful for this experience – it's been enlightening and very beneficial.

Rosie Z.

I've found so much value in this program that I'd love it to be twice a month instead of once! Momentum is simply fantastic, I'm truly loving every bit of it. Reflecting on my journey, I just wish I had access to these learnings when I was younger, like the younger moms in the group are now. It's a treasure trove of wisdom that's beneficial at any age, but especially impactful for those just starting their parenting journey.

Liaza F.

Learning from this program has been an incredible journey of discovery for me. It's taught me the power of reframing my thoughts around gratitude and being intentional in every aspect of life. The warmth and coziness of our gatherings are something special, truly making everyone feel welcomed. Momentum has opened my eyes to the fact that hosting doesn't have to be a grand affair, and that intentionality is key in all areas of life – from parenting to daily routines. One coaching question that always resonates with me is, 'What's the biggest forward step you can take today?' It perfectly captures the essence of this transformative journey. More people should experience this kind of welcoming and intentional living.

Jody H.

I enjoyed connecting with other moms who were in the same season of life with me and loved being cared for by Ann. And I enjoyed having someone else make dinner and clean it up! Digging deeper into myself and working on me as a person and not just me as a mom was great. Being able to set goals and write them down made me more mindful of the things that I can accomplish being a mom as well as being myself. Having clarity in general was really helpful for my business and one of the goals I set has already happened.

Kelsey N.

“Momentum Supper Club was such a breath of fresh air to my week! Being able to connect with other moms who are waking the same path and phase of life was incredibly encouraging and being mentored by the phenomenal Ann McKitrick was a joy! Her grace and understanding in leading us and the wisdom she shared was life giving. I can’t wait for the next season to begin!”

Kristin M.

"I love having the meal together, sharing about ourselves and our life - this is where the connections happen and it's created community for me with other moms."

Priscilla H.

$110.00 USD

4 monthly payments

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